Can you return things that are on sale? (clothes)

Today I bought a pair of high-tops, and I've no idea why, I don't like them at all, they hurt my ankles and I don't suit them. They where meant to be £395 but was reduced to £118. I bought them from a shop in Liverpool, it's called Cricket.

Anyway back to the real question, will I be able to return these for money? or at least be able to get some sort of exchange, they are in mint condition as I only bought them today, they haven't been worn, they're still in the box with all the assets, the bag, and the receipt.


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  • It depends on the store's return policy. I would read the receipt. Some stores do allow a refund on sale items, while others make them a final sale. Some places do an exchange. I would either look at the receipt because it should say, or call the store and ask. Explain the situation, say that you bought the shoes and brought them home and didn't like them. Usually reputable stores stand behind their merchandise and will gladly let you return them for either store credit or exchange. Hopefully they let you. I know some stores don't and they make everything final sale. However, usually if something is final sale, the sales clerk tells you while cashing out so that you know.


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  • Usually on the reciept it will say if sale items are able to be returned or not. Just take them back and if they so no ask if you can switch them for better ones?

    • It doesn't say, it says "View are terms and conditions on sale products".

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    • I can't find it on the website, I know this seems stupid and rude but can you try to find it for me? I honestly can't find it, the website it

    • Sorry can't link it as I'm on my phone but it says store credit or refund but nothing about sale items that I can see.

  • In my store we don't return seasonal items after the season is over. But if its a regular item, even if its on sale I think you would be able to return it, just have the receipt.

    • It's not a season it's just on sale, I'm returning it like 2 days after I bought it, in perfect condition, onworn or even unopened with all the assets including receipt, I'm sure I'd be able to refund it, but hell am I nervous.

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    • just remember that customers are always right and they can never deny you! So return it.

    • Yeah I mean they don't have to but no store wants to lose customers.

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