Do I need to change my style?

Or should I not give a damn what others think? Ok so I am very petite. I'm 20 years old and I'm very short. My face looks like I'm 15 years old. This trait runs in the family, all my sisters look young, my mom too. When I'm walking down the street I get strange looks from elders as if their judging me because I have a son. I also don't get the respect that I feel I deserve...people call me sweetie like I'm a child. Some are even rude enough to ask how old I am as if that's their business. My normal outfit is a nice shirt, jeans, and Nikey's. How can get people to stop addressing me like I'm a child. Do I need to dress more older or should I not care about how older people talk to me?


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  • How rude! You shouldn't have to change your appearance just to get respect from people. I say screw em and keep doing what you're doing.


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  • you shouldn't change yourself for others,esp. if you don't even know them.

  • i wouldn't care but you might want to start wearing older people clothes.


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