False eyelash recommendation?

My lashes are short and virtually nonexistent. For those of you that wear false eyelashes, could you recommend some that are natural?


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  • Get individual lashes. You have more freedom with the application and they look more natural.

    If you're willing to spend a bit more money, try permanent lashes. They last a month or so and you just go get them touched up every 4-5 weeks or so. They look AMAZING.

    • do you know how much that would cost approximately?

    • I'm in Australia and it's about $100-150 AU for a full upper lash set here. But I think it would be much cheaper in the US, if that's where you are.

    • thanks, that sounds good. I'm going to look into that

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  • Diamond lash in dolly eye and fairy eye. I buy them from pinkyparadise.com they are great and comfortable. You get used to the feeling of them. I wear them daily and they don't bother me

  • Revlon naturals.

  • you should get some natural enhancers for at night to help them grow.

  • Are they really not visible or just short? Because the right mascara can do wonders and will be a lot more comfortable and less of a hassle than false lashes.

    Diorshow mascara is great and can really build your lashes to be huge.

    • they're really short. with mascara and curling, you can see them, but the results aren't that great

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