African american hair tips (or hair tips in general)

i have really dry hair that has terrible ends and breaks. I wanted to know what I could use to help my hair. shampoos? hair lotions? something that'll give me healthy hair or at least jump start the process. also, what's the best way to straighten?


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  • Moisturaze it with pink lotion.


    or Casor oil moisturizer


    Try using a pantene pro-v shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner.

    Like this guy:


    But remember

    Keep your hair-washing to a minimum. It doesn't ened to be washed every night or even every other night. Couple times a week will not harm you.

    Just remember, no matter how much moisturizer your shampoo has in it,

    washing your hair rapes it of all moisture, it you'll be starting from ground zero every time you wash.

    Also, there's no good way to straighten your hair. It's a process that makes your hair do something that it naturally shouldn't be doing. They're all considerably damaging, so it's difficult to say which is the best.

    But to entertain the question, do you intend to chemically relax, or heat-straighten?

    • I'm trying not to chemically relax my hair, so I'll go with the heat straightening. thanks for the product ideas btw!

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  • Hey try dr. Miracle , he works , also go to a hair salon , I would try going to a black lady because she knows about black texture hair , but make sure that you to a hair salon where it`s recommended , and known because not everyone can make your hair healthy , plus please don`t try and make your hair healthy yourself , please go to the shop and let a professional do it ( they went to school for this ) . Hope I help , I go to the salon by the way ; my hair was damage , but now it`s in great condition

  • My mom owns a salon. and she tells her clients never use pink lotion, jam or any gels unless in your gels you put some grease. If you hair is breaking off got to you local beauty salon and ask them to use Nioxin. Do you wrap you hair up at night or at least have a satin pillow? If you do wrap you hard up with a satin wrap you have will break off because the fiction against the cloth and you hair.

    My mom just told me this stuff, She is a beauty stylist that specializes in hair restoration.

  • Just don't be too heavyhanded with the product or can come out too greasy. The key is to focus on moisturizing your hair and using a little oil to seal the moisturizer

    -Moisturizing shampoos. I like KeraCare

    -Moisturizing conditioner. (KeraCare)

    -Leave in conditioner (Aphogee green tea leave in)

    -Daily moisturizer (Soft and Beautiful moisturizing lotion)

    -Nightly moisturizer (Hollywood Beauty Carrot/Olive Oil creme). I like to use these at night because they're thicker. I just put it on my strands and wrap it then go to bed.

    -Olive oil to lock in moisturizer. Make sure you put it on after moisturizer.

    -Hair serum to lock in moisture before using heat. I like John Frieda's FrizzEase and Profectiv has a good one too

    -Let's Jam Heat Protectant to put on ends before using heat