Ance/ makeup cover up tips?

so I have sensitive skin and not even mild acne. but it still bothers me a lot! I don't like to use a lot of makeup so I only use foundation but it makes my skin look oily and it doesn't cover me all day. powder bothers my skin and I need some tips!

i use a sensitive face wash from my dermatologist so I'm covered with that its just covering up my face I need advice on! thanks


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  • If you don't have bad skin, you might consider just not wearing foundation at all. I haven't worn foundation except on the very odd occasion in years - I've found I really don't even need it. To take care of oil, try carrying around some blotting sheets - they're just little thin pieces of linen or paper that you can dry all that off with whenever you get too shiny. They work wonders!

  • Use a primer. It will help prevent harsh chemicals from effecting your skin.


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