Belly rings?

so I got mine pierced yesterday and so far its great and I love it but on December 4th I have top change it. I have to put in a belly retainer for a cheer leading competition and I'm concerned. I only need to change it for a few hours but I'm nervous that it will hurt to change it or it may close or something.

so what do you think and if you have experience please let me know, what is the best way to change it without causing damage...

it will be 2 months and like 1 week before I change it.


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  • just practice taking it out and putting the retainer in before the competition that way it will be a breeze by competition time.

    • that what I'm going to do I'm just nervous that it will close or something bad will happen to it.

  • Should be fine. I started changing mine 6 weeks after I had it pierced. At the end of November start practicing taking it out and putting the retainer in. Wash your hands, disinfect your navel and take it out. Make sure the retained has been sterilized and put it in. Keep it in for a few hours and change it back. Do that maybe once a week until your competition.

    It'll be fine :) Just make sure you keep touching it to a minimum so that it can heal well within the next 6 weeks especially.


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