Can short guys ever look attractive enough for girls to date them?

It seems that girls always over look short guys for the tall guy and that height its the most important thing a girl looks physically even if he is fat if he is tall he has a lot of points in favor.


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  • Girls don't like average height guys yet you're asking if short guys are considered attractive by girls? Lol you've living under a rock too much. Tall girls, average height girls, and short girls all prefer a tall guy because they see them as dominating over the shorter guys. They like that dominance feel that tall guys impose over shorter guys. The girls feel secure with these guys. If you're a short guy, consider it a curse because even short girls aren't willing to date short guys. There are few rare exceptions though but in general consider yourself unlucky. I mean why else would only 1 girl answer your question the past 9 hours.


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  • height really hardly matters to me.


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  • Everyone has their preferences. Guys like taller girls like guys like shorter girls. Its just the majority outlook on masculinity and femininity - hence what seems to associate attraction with pride and social acceptance.

    But there are majority preferences and minority preferences. But there are a lot of girls that like shorter or stockier guys. I've dated three.

    There's not a set rule on what's deemed attractive, its all based on personal preference.

    Ive talked to more than 5 girls who adore shorter guys.