Formal fashion, like classical coat and shirt?

Preferably British or European women and hopefully in the early 20s range. Do you like men that are very formal, like classical coat and shirt, for example: link

Would you prefer a laid back, a little bit more rough look like this guy with a leather jacket link

Or something more hipster with a concoction of random accessories and clothes link

Thanks, and feel free to add your own links or ideas :)


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  • The classic coat and leather jacket are both good looks on a guy - as far as I'm concerned anyway - the last one not so much.

    I generally am attracted to a guy with a smart/casual look. So you can tell he's thought about what he's wearing, but at the same time, he's not overly conscious of his looks. Something relaxed but well put together.

    I'm not a fan of the third look at all - it's too 'teenager'.


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  • I wouldn't call it formal but yes, I really like that style. I also really like the second style (although not the pic you linked to), I can't choose which one I prefer.

    Hate hipster fashion though. I hope you weren't considering it!

  • I love the classic look, but a leather jacket never hurt anybody.

  • Classical coats and leather jackets are fine. I don't like clothes styles in the last link though.


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