Ladies, WHITE tux or BLACK - Which is hotter?

I'm planning to slay 'em at the Christmas party... suggestions? Color of Tie? Bow or Traditional? Men chime in if you want. I'm Planning the BIG Coffinwolf entrance.
or mixed black and white top?
Here are some ideas?

link - IDEA 1

link - IDEA 2

link - IDEA 3

link - IDEA 4
I just confirmed that the colors for the party are RED, BLACK, WHITE - AND THANKS LADIES (and dudes) FOR THE HELP :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Okay... If white tux then the pants should be white too depends on you if what would be the inner as long as it is dark color since your tux is white and the color of the inner is same with the tie but if the inner is printed the tie should be plain if the inner is plain then tie is printed/stripes etc (NO TAIL is much better)

    If you want black tux then the inner will be light black pants too same with white NO TAIL looks better ;) I hope it helps you :))) GOODLUCK


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  • doesn't matter you can't go wrong with a tux, no matter what color you still look DAMN good

  • Black. The penguin look is in.


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