She is good looking only with make-up on?

So I had a few chats with this girl I've met before but didn't really know her. She likes me now, I like her too but she isn't that good in she's pretty only with makeups on. should I meet her again for a date or just stay being friends on the net? Guys and girls please help!
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allright you guys misunderstood me. at first she was pretty (because she wears make-up everyday). after knowing her better I started to see her real face behind the make-ups and I was like wow this isn't the girl I knew..


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  • [[Sorry for the wall of text, but I tend to get all philosophical on these kinds of questions (o.o)...]]

    So you initially liked her for looks, got it

    you started to like her further because of personality, got it

    You started to see her more often and noticed a few... er um.. defects, got it

    Now your having doubts about the whole thing

    --------------- My response ---------------------------

    your situation is not rare, and contrary to popular belief, there are tons of people who go by looks and then personality; and out of that ton, there are only a hand full that are willing to admit it. How do I know? because despite how much I try to say I'm not, I'm just like you man.

    That said; I would say for her sake meet her again for a date, but find as many possible ways to hint that you aren't interested in becoming exclusive. My reason for saying that is because you obviously like her for her personality, but have recently lost interested in her as a mate, so you no have to find a way to venture back into the "friend zone" so you can keep her as a good friend, and she won't feel betrayed.

    Note:: of course its your choice, but I would highly recommend getting into the "friend zone" and avoiding completely the "Friends with benefit" zone. This will only worsen the situation not just for you and her, but also for those on the outside looking in (I.E. all of us T.T), and we don't really want that now do we :P

    -----------------------Extra stuphs----------------------------

    No one wants to encourage you to be that one guy that destroys the innocent girl's heart, so the common response to your situation is "hey stop being shallow and get out of her life" but I'm almost 100% sure that if we were in your shoes (completely-- guy/girl preferences and all), we would defiantly not consider it being shallow, but only picky.

    We all have the dream of having the mate with both the bronze and the brains, but so many of us rightful so make adjustments and exceptions so we can avoid all the dangers of heartache and eternal loneliness. But even still, what's wrong with trying your hardest to have your cake and eat it too if you sincerely care (which it seems you do) about the effect it has on others?

    • Try say a group outing one day, then a 1 on 1 venture (public, daytime) the next. The group outing lets you show her that you see her as just a friend. The 1 on 1 venture is a way for either:: you to clear things up if something happned during group outing (like a kiss, or frequent close contact**), her to have a chance to express feeligs, or for her to see that despite being in a1 on 1 setting, you don't wanna advance things any further than they have already gone.

    • ** for goodness sake, don't be that guy that hits and quits man! We already have enough of those in the world, and we ( the outsiders) realllllllly don't wanna see that happen to her ( not like we would know, but integridy is key)

      Side note: a 1 on 1 is risky because lots of things happen behind closed doors. That's why its paramount that it be a public outing (where everyone is watching @__@) as oppose to a "partially" public one.


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What Girls Said 8

  • Your update is confusing me ?

    From your question I got that; you don't want to see her anymore because without make-up she isn't as pretty.. now your saying the "face behind the make-ups".

    Honestly if your just seeing someone for looks, and looks only.. don't, leave her for someone who will appreciate her for who she is, personality and all.

    Please don't be superficial.

    • Everyone's superficial. Name anyone who dates someone who ain't good-looking only because of good personality. I got a name for that - friends only!

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    • Do you even know what's the difference between LIKE and love? That's the whole point of this question. Date her or stay being friends! I'm not talking about life partner here and I'm certainly NOT in LOVE with her

    • in the defense of the answer, I'd say that you kinda left it open for either interpertation... just sayin :P

  • Try going out with her and putting a bag over her head.

    Seriously, are you brain-damaged? You're faaaaaaar from "I like her too", so stop kidding yourself. Perhaps you just wanted to bang her at first and now you're not so sure. Epic life problems.

    • give the man the break I'm sure you were in his shoes you would have felt the same way

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    • then why would you date someone you find unattractive ( and don't say you like her cause if you did all that much, her "real" face wouldn't bother you. except if you're used to dating people who look like snakes without make-up)

      like a said, real big dilemma there

    • like I said I find her attractive only with make-ups on! and I do prefer people who look like snakes without make-up, at least they're real

  • leave the girl for some who really likes her...kisses

  • Attraction is important in a relationship. If you aren't feeling it, end it. Otherwise she'll get hurt if she invests more into it and you end things later.

  • Get to know her does it all have to be about looks

  • Date he are if its not too late

  • Stay friends

  • You either like the whole package or you don't. Nobody here could ever tell either you like her or not. Sit yourself down and think. If you don't like her, please don't lead her on. You could stay friends and that's it.


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  • This is the girl you knew. And if you associate her natural appearance vs. her made up appearance as being part of her identity then you are too superficial to be able to give a good woman what she deserves. I think you should "stay being friends" (if you can even call it that considering how judgmental you are) so that you can leave her open to getting guys who can actually give her what she deserves and not be so judgmental about stupid things.

  • If you are only going by her looks then you do not need to date her. You would end up hurting her in the long run.

  • Tell her to keep her make up on lol

    She must be really good with make up. Or you just don't know what you want.

  • if you only like her with makeup on then you should just be friends with her and nothing else. Also that's pretty shallow that you only like her with make up on.

    • man imagine some girl wearing a mask of megan fox and when she takes it off I bet you'll have doubts, like I do now

    • you know beauty is only skin deep. Doesn't matter what they look like on the outside

    • i know, still I felt cheated

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