Guys, is long hair that big of a deal?

I usually wear my hair in a pony tail out of convenience. It's not a sloppy pony's still "styled." I always curl it and people always compliment it when I pull it up like that, but today I wore my hair long and straight.

Everyone treated me so differently. I got whistled at, guys grabbed doors for me, lots of stares, some guy in line at starbucks made change for my $5 bill. Like seriously...boys are never that nice to me and today its like the flattery and chivalry wouldn't stop.

So I ask, is wearing your long hair down and fixed that big of a deal?


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  • Long hair (down) makes a girl look sexy/hot.

    Every seen the image of a Liberian letting her hair down from a bun and taking off her glasses?

    When she does this everyone stops and stares.


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  • That would never happen where I live... You must be gorgeous anyway and the hair just enhanced it!

  • Oh shut up and just be flattered.


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