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This girl that I work with is so amazing, and I can't get her out of my mind. And sometimes I think she has a thing for me but sometimes it seems like she could care less about me. Like in real life when we are working together she always catches my eye and is always looking back and around her to see me. she talks about her past relationships with me and some preety personal stuff. it just all seems so right when we are working together. But when we are texting, most of the time she seems to not be interested in talking to me and hardley ever starts a conversation. on accasion we have good texting nights where she seems really interested, and we decided to hang out and do something that we both wanted to do, but she was busy that week and couldent so we haven't yet.

Does it seem like she migth have a thing for me?

and should I ask her to hang out sometime?


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  • It sounds like she likes you, but probably is just shy/quiet. It also sounds like she trusts you, or else she wouldn't tell you about some of the personal stuff.

    I would go slow and get to know her a tad bit more, and then totally go for it... ask her out!

    Good Luck!


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