Weaves to school? Whatever next?

It's like an epidemic of brainwashing young (no offence brown and African) girls to think they are something that they are not, why are children wearing weaves to school, what happened to cornrows, plaits and pig tails? It looks ridiculous!
It would be nice to hear comments from some cultured adults.
Down rated as boring because the truth hurts!


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  • I don't agree with it, unless they are like extension braids to make the cornrows/braids stay. Anyway I think it does promote negativity about natural hair, and also leads to poor hair care as they get older, and makes them more likely to have traction alopecia/balding and other problems

    I honestly feel like a lot of parents are just getting lazier. You have moms who are like teenagers having kids, they aren't going to take the time to instill proper hair care in their girls, just slap a weave in that bitch and they done.

    It's interesting because black girls of yesteryear tended to have long, thick and full healthy natural hair, but nowadays most these girls can't slap a ponytail together. I was looking at my dads high school yearbook from the 70s and most all the black girls had natural hair and it was all thick, full and lucious with no weaves. Weaves at a young age just never allows you to full take care of your hair and value it. Plus I don't feel comfortable with little girls having these grown Kim K hairstyles. Can you let kids be kids and just play with cornrows with the beads at the end lol

    • Thank you for your answer, it's the most decent and respectable answer that I have read. When you see an 11 year old child going to school with a weave on that does promote a negative image. There is nothing wrong with braided hair extensions as you mentioned as they look absolutely beautiful when done properly and yes children look like children.

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  • TOTALLY AGREE. embrace your natural hair, weaves/clip ins are nice for growing out your hair when its too short... but its sad that these girls want to be something they're not. Black hair is incredibly difficult to maintain, and us white girl will never understand the full extent of it but I honestly think fro's and and even a buzz cut would be gorgeous on an African women. I understand there is pressure to conform and seem more white.. to get jobs, to fit in... so in a way I understand it but I hate it at the same time... whenever someone tries to be "white". I am guilty of it myself... bleaching my hair blond and straightening til it was fried, but now I embrace my dark brown Italian curls:) it took a long time though...

    this is true beauty in my opinion... link

    not some fake plastic hanna montana hair:/

    and you wouldn't believe how many sisters look down on their African roots and will probably laugh at a photo like that...

    • Wow, that is almost sad. You honestly believe that African Americans look down on their roots?! There are few African American women that feel poorly about their heritage. If anything the treatment we have received from those who are "white" in the past make us feel as if we should make the line separating our cultures more prominent. And there are girls of every race that have weave/extensions! It is not just African Americans.

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    • lol, OK miss thing!

    • That's an interesting story, unfortunately there is a lot of self hate among a small minority. That's really sad.

  • Maybe the girl doesn't want cornrows, plaits, or pig tails? Just because a girl wears a weave or changes something doesn't mean she doesn't care about her education. Besides, I agree with Whatdoithink. It's their head, their body, their decision.

    • When a 11 year old wears weaves to school then yes it is a problem, it's their head, their body and their decision but it takes a village to raise a child.

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    • And if they want to, they can. It's their body, doesn't concern you in the least.

    • Guess your right, wish all the civil rights leaders said the same thing, hey maybe all African American would still be segregated!

  • Wait . . . What was the point of the remark in the parenthesis? Why would "brown and African" people take offense to this? Girls of other races do the exact same thing, so if you are going to make a statement like that, you should have targeted everyone. And honestly, it is no different than girls dying their hair a different color or getting highlights. They probably thought it would look good/wanted to try it. Also, it takes awhile for some people to grow their hair. Maybe they prefer having longer hair.

    • The point is that these are children that should be thinking about attaining an education not changing that way they are, cornrows, plaits or pig tails are beautiful when they are done properly and maintained.

    • Changing your hair style does not change who you are. That's what you are not understanding here. Why must we have conrows? Because we are of African decent? Honestly, you should read what you say before you post it. But just as I said to the answerer above: chances are you don't comprehend the weight of your words. And there was no point in saying "no offense," people (like myself) can still be offended.

    • Well of course some people will be offended especially if they are sensitive about hair issues. I can comprehend the question I've asked people interpret questions how they want to interpret it. Not all people of African heritage do have frizzy or curly hair, some have naturally straight hair. This question is about children from the age of 11 (not in there teens) ...wearing weaves to school!) Yes there are Caucasians that wear hair pieces and extension, but I talking about children!

  • I assume you're white. White people sometimes be Rockin them extensions too so it's DEFENITELY not just only "brown and African" people! And it's their head...why do you care? That's right you shouldn't..I'm not trying to Sound Rude but you make it seem like a crime to not always rock your own and natural stuff. It's NOT a crime. People do what they want..worry about yourself.

    • No I'm certainly not Caucasian, I'm Brown! and no you don't sound like you're trying to be rude, but there definitely needs to be some form of distinction between children being children and loving who they are and college students as well as adults. Why would a school child focus on their image for school? Why do I care .. I don't want the influence of those individuals who have serious issues with their natural appearance to make my nieces feel that Frizzy or Curly hair is disgusting!

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    • Wow so it is true most African Americans females do suffer some serious self hate complexities

    • No it's not true.

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