How can I make myself over?

I want to go back to school after a break as a completely new person. I want to be unrecognizable. Without plastic surgery or spending more than $150. How can I do it?


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  • Play with makeup. Try different colors, styles and see what suits you best. If you already wear makeup try cut it down to a minimum. Buy some new clothes that express your individuality and wear those. Try add feminine qualities to yourself, like wearing a dress of nice skirt. Colours too. If you want to look sexy and bold, wear red on one day. If you want to look vulnerable and cute, wear a peachy pink. Wear colors that suit your skin tone and clothes that accentuate your nice features.

    Style your hair too. If its straight, try a waves, or curls. Vice versa. Start smiling more and looking at things from a positive perspective and you're good to go!


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  • 1)Go to the gym and get fit.

    2)I say go tan if you pale or vice versa.

    3)Change either hair color or style hair cut

    4)Get rid of outdated things in your wardrobe or things that you just don't like anymore.

    Go shopping and pick out classic pieces you can match with anything and that will add a new edge to you.

    5) Go to a salon or waxer and get your eyebrows done (tinted or reshaped)

    one or more of those and yeah


    • o nice, eyebrows is a good one, it can make such a difference in somebody's look, I have never touched mine because I'm afraid to mess them up, but I think tinting them would define my eyes I might try..

  • -Dye or change your hairstyle/cut.

    -Step out the box and wear an outfit you usually wouldn't wear.

  • hair cut, new make up, new clothes, get in shape, get a tan, come with a better attitude, more positive, energetic, etc

  • You can try simple as wear cute t-shirt/top and skirt.


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