How do I handle myself if it is true that I am ugly?

My sister-in-law pointed out that my nose is ugly and big. She also think that my eyes are ugly (she has the same type of eyes and think that chinese are ugly with single lid).

I always was proud of my part chinese background but I really don't know how to accept that I am ugly. I used to get comments on how unique my eyes curve. I had many random guys hitting on me and had fans in clubs in Brazil because I look Asian.

Now, I get so self conscious when guys stare at me...I need advice!



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  • Oh! My! God! You are so cute! Your sister so doesn't know what she's talking about!

    1.) Your eyes are GORGEOUS! Their shape is cute, and they are the perfect distance apart!

    2.) Your nose is just as good! It compliments your face shape, as both are slightly oval, and it is most certainly not big! MINE is big! It's like three mountains on my face! But I love how big it is, and people play with it all the time!

    3.) Your cheeks are JUST ADORABLE! If you were next to me, I'd pinch them! They're cute as a button!

    4.) Your lips are the best part! They're so luscious and full! I'm sure that a simple smile from you would drive most guys over the edge!

    You get a 10 in my book! I see no flaws on you whatsoever, and you should LOVE how you look! I know a lot of people that would wish they were as beautiful as you look! So pick yourself up! The guys staring at you are staring because you are HOT, guys are that simple...


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  • You are not ugly.

    this is ugly: link

    Trust me you would know if you were ugly. There would be nothing attractive about you when people look at your face.

    If you're confident and you do your makeup right people won't notice what you think are "flaws", and will only be drawn to the pretty parts of your face.

  • You're eyes are fine, you need to put on some eyeliner, if it bothers you get fake lashes too, with a little eye make up those are just fine, for an Asian girl your eyes are not bad at all, I've seen some that are very bad

    • for f*** sake your ans p*ss me the F.U.C.K OFF why are you such a d*** I bet you won't ans like this in real life situations you computer warrior

    • Are you serious? I was telling her what I thought. I can see how it may come off as mean and sarcastic (I re-read it) but it wasn't meant that way.

      I'm sorry you interpret everything to be so mean. Maybe people are really mean to you in life or online so you have a tendency to misinterpret things as being mean or sarcastic rather than genuine.

    • LOL you contradicted yourself mate you jus said you re read what you wrote and understood that it may seem that means you agree with my statement that you sound insensitive yet you say that my interpretations of life in general has been distorted because I might have been mistreated in real life situations or on the net lol...thats not the case at all, you jus sound insensitive wen you answer questions...but I guess now I understand you don't realize my advice 2 you is WORK ON IT. peace.

  • Your sister in law is jealous of you.

    I like your face.

  • not ugly at all


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  • who cares? your sister in law is taken and being very bitchy, love and embrace your blood line she may be insecure about it but that's not your problem. love yourself and guys will follow.

  • You're not ugly, you actually quite pretty. :) You have a great face shape and proportions and lips. Lucky you! She probably was just putting her own insecurities about her Asian eyes on to you.

  • You're NOT ugly. I have a nose that is about the same proportions to my face as yours. It's not my FAVORITE feature but it's not so obnoxious that it ruins my face!


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