What do you think about sweaty hands?

i don't know why this always tends to happen, but my hands sweat non-stop. Guys- would it bother you? and does anyone have any tips to get rid of it.


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  • Nope it wouldn't bother me, actually I have a weird problem. My body always feel hot and warm, so I try to always make myself cold, and my hands are usually cold, someone has to tell me that for me to notice.


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  • I get used to it if you know what I mean ;)


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  • Sweaty hands just in general? That's weird. :/

    • thanks bitch

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    • Cool story, you should tell it at parties.

    • you're Justing saying?


  • It's not bad if you are sexually attracted to each other. My ex boyfriend had it and it didn't really bother me even though I wasn't that physically into him, so if it was someone I really was into I sure wouldn't care.

    I sweat easily. My hands don't get sweaty like ever actually, but my face and neck get sweaty/shiny. Not a lot, just lightly, but I break out in a sweat easily. My face/neck and under my arms are my easiest areas where I sweat the fastest.

    All you can do is try not to be warm I guess? No guy seems to mind if my face is a bit shiny but it makes me self-conscious. Actually it is usually other girls that make me self-conscious.