Are men insecure about body hair?

Ive known some guys that look so good with facial hair, but they always want to shave it.. Do men feel bummish with facial hair? Do they assume ladies don't like scruff?

As for body hair, I'm mainly speaking of chest hair. Personally, I like it, but I've been with guys who down-talk their chest hair. Do men feel women are grossed out by chest hair?

The reason I ask is because I met a guy at a bar one time who kept talking about his chest hair- as if he needed reassurance that chest hair is okay, haha.

Also I hear all the time from guys- okay let me shave first, let me run home so I can shave, etc. Its like, I love the scruffy look!


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  • Naw I'm okay with mine...but in my experience, girls aren't huge fans of it, so whether or not I want to, I gotta shave if I don't want to look bad to most girls... It's kinda like letting yourself go. You can be as comfortable as you want, but most of the girls I know thinks either something really bad happened to the guy, and he just forgets to shave because he has bigger problems to worry about, or he doesn't care how he looks, which makes him look sloppy... If I could go without shaving, I would...

    • Thats what sucks, is now all men assume they HAVE to shave before a date or something, when they don't. I understand the idea, that they want to be generally appealing, but its kinda sad because most men I know will apologize if they haven't shaved. Its like, you really don't have to apologize for it!

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  • Most girls I know don't like it. Some do, but most don't.

  • He probably doesn't know you do. Have you told them you do?


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