A beautiful bartender


there's a bartender who is my age, she's very cute. she's also a friend of many of my friends. one night when I first so saw she was very very friendly toward me like we know each other for a long time, when I got to my table tahts when I found out who she is.

every times I go buy drinks she always smile, atlk and laugh. only been to that pubs about 3 or 4 times with her there.

she is single, I also found out that she's been traveled to my country where I was originally from for holiday and all

do you think she fancies me? or she's just so friendly with everyone?

im 5"10 and she;s about 5"2-4


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  • Tricky ... It is quite a fact that bartender girls get often hit on..

    Also a fact that there is very high possibility that she is just being friendly.. in the end.. She does counter all the time with people.. So being nice also might be good tip or so :D

    My advice would be.. Just talk with her etc.. If everything seem to connect.. Just ask her out.

    • Oh, it seems like she was hitting on me and this pub is a big company, employees don't get tips lol

      i'll find time to go the pub on not busy day and hope she's there, make sure she's jsut not being friendly