Pale girl and white/bleached hair?

I am pretty pale, but its naturally how I am, and I already have like yellowish/dirty blond hair. I was wondering what guys would think or if it would look OK if I dyed my hair like white/bleached blonde- LIke a platinum blond.

It would be this color: THIS ISN"T ME BY THE WAY. and my hair is longer

link hair/betaomicronalpha/Me/0826091649.jpg?o=80


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  • your link doesn't work but agyness deyn is pale and has bleached hair-she looks awesome,BUT long,bleached hair tends to give off that slutty,generic look-don't blame me,it's just something I've noticed from what guys say about girls with long bleached hair who they barely know.

    • the second link works... in the updated. Yeah, this is what I was worried about but I have more natural wavy hair and I definitely don't dress generically. Would that help disable that stereotype. It's so stupid I just want to dye my hair.

    • your hair will become almost completely straight after bleaching,just so you know. and yeah,you could probably avoid the stereotype,but I'm still not on board with your idea-you'll ruin your hair,my friend bleached her hair and now she has a bald spot,and her hair is very dry and brittle

    • Thanks for the warning, but I'll be careful around the roots. Plus I'm already blond so I don't need that much bleach or peroxide or whatever it is.

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  • For Halloween is cool and different. : ) So you going for the villain looks, like in Asian movie? Awesome do it.

  • I don't really think it would matter that much, considering you're already blond

    • but since you're a girl and you took the time to ask then I know you want it so just get it

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  • The image wasn't found...

    Alot of guys like the fake, platinum blond look. It's whatever

    • Alright thanks. I usually just think it looks trashy with the tan skin, but was wondering how guys felt pale girls doing it.

    • updated link too. sorry.

  • a lot guys like blonde


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