What style do you like the best on girls?

would you be more attracted to a girlie girl, the ivy preppy look with button ups and sweaters, or a girl that wears jeans and band tees or sweatshirts with sneakers? I know your gonna say most guys don't notice clothes and it's all about personality which I 100% agree with but even so there must be a certain style you're more inclined to be attracted to...thanks! and I know never to change yourself for a guy but I'm only asking cause I'm curious!


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  • No particular order...

    Punk style: It looks really cool.

    Goth style: I just like the dark and evil look.

    Neo-Soul: though I'm far from spiritual. Mostly because I like natural hair and etiquette.

    Tomboy: Make her seem very cool, interesting, and laid back. Most importantly, very approachable.

  • mainly

    when they dress up :)


What Girls Said 2

  • ehhh the more variety the better, change it up!

  • every guy has a different type of style that he looks for in a girl, your right that guys don't base their choice on clothes alone, but even with personality guy are going to be different in what they are looking for


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