I met this guy from MySpace and I was really attracted to him...what should I do next?

We have a bunch of mutual friends and then on new years eve we finally met in person (after having a few fun/flirty convos).

I ended up being really attracted to him and he was such a gentleman. His friends were seemed kind of obnoxious, but he was definitely on my side and was telling them to stop for my sake. (it was all good...his friends even said they like me, but it was still cute how he was telling them to chill out because I was driving and stuff).

he kept telling me I was a sweetheart and stuff. when we parted ways he said he'd call me and blahthrth

so after that I went on a trip the next day...and I just got back. I want to hang out with him, but I want him to chase me...should I still text him?

he doesn't know I'm back from my trip, but I know how guys get. I feel like he needs to come to me...what should I do?

oh side note: it was a little awkward because 20 minutes after meeting this girl kept asking if we were together and said we looked cute lol


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  • Haha aww. Well I don't have a lot of expertise in this area and if I were you I'd probably wait for him to sign on MSN and talk to me or something haha. But that's me. I understand what you mean by making him chase you so I'd wait one more day. If you don't hear from him maybe send him "How's it going" text and see where it goes. It's been a few days so it's not like you're jumping all over him. If he really likes you he'll be happy to hear from you. He might just need that extra little push.

    • Yeah, it has been a few days and he doesn't know I'm back yet...he doesn't really go online much (funny since we started talking on myspace) so that would be hard.


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  • What you are doing is called playing games. Just text him. If we don't show any signs that we like them too and give them reassurance, they lose interest just as we would after a while.

  • yeah texting would be a good idea. just a simple, "i was (wherever you were) and just got back! how have you been?"