What's closer to beautiful - cute or pretty?

like for example, if a guy said 'you're really pretty' is that better than cute?

on the scale, where do these fall..?








can you define them? cause I'm sure a lot of girls wanna know :)


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  • well if you want to be seen as very beautiful and attractive then its better to be 'really pretty' then cute. but if you want your personality to stick out more then its better to be 'cute'

    for me that list is like this: (from best to least best)

    gorgeous - your absolutely stunning, I have dreams of being with you someday

    beautiful - same as pretty except I say beautiful if I want it to have more meaning. like if I see you one day and you look great then ill say you look pretty. but if we've been around for a bit and say we were just looking at each other for a little bit and I was feeling gutsy then id say you're beautiful (more likely you're 'so' beautiful but that's a huge leap of faith for me).

    pretty - it means I like you.. lol. if I had a friend that was looking really good I would say to her you look great. if its a girl I'm interested in I would tell her she's pretty. but I haven't had guts to say this to a girl I like yet.

    sexy - sexy has a lot more to do then looks, its also your attitude and how you act. so that's how its different from hot. I'm not comfortable saying this word to girls (dont think I ever have) but its definitely a good thing

    cute - its not bad to say but I personally don't see myself calling anything 'cute'.. I just dont. but its not a bad thing

    hot - ill never call a girl hot, even if I think she is because I don't want a girl to think I see her as just a piece of meat. so this is bad and ill never call a girl this.

    okay - not good, I would neeever tell a girl she was okay. even if I didn't like her

    hope that helps :)


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  • Id say Gorgeous is the most dominant world outlining sheer appeal in physical appearance.

    Followed by Beautiful - In my opinion, because it seems to have more of an elegance and less of an invite.

    Just depends on everyone's associations with the words. Everyone see's them with different meanings so, I guess scales are the best ways lol, but that's pretty demeaning.

    In my use of the word meanings id say (Best to least);

    Gorgeous, Beautiful, Hot, Sexy, Cute, Pretty, Okay. (or in order; 10,9,8,7,6,6,5)

  • beautiful, cute and pretty mean the same

    • no there's a subtle difference lol

    • There's a difference between okay and sexy, but I would call a cute girl pretty or beautiful, and I would call a beautiful girl cute or pretty! lol

  • Pretty is closer to beautiful

  • Looks and Personality Combo Ranking:

    1) Gorgeous

    2) Beautiful

    3) Cute

    ^These girls are for relationships. At times they may get called things from the list bellow...

    Looks Ranking

    1) Sexy

    2) Hot

    3) Pretty

    4) Okay

    ^These girls are for the night

  • I don't know about other people, but for me, "cute" is what I would use when I am closer to the person. I would say "pretty" if I had just met them or barely know them. But that's just me, I guess it is personality dependent.

    As for "closer to beautiful" where 10 is beautiful, then I would rank the following as follows:

    cute: 7

    pretty: 5

    hot: 8

    sexy: 8

    okay: 3

    beautiful: 10 (since this is the word we are describing...)

    gorgeous: 10


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  • Top: beautiful, sexy, gouges, hot

    Middle: pretty, cute,

    Bottom: okay,

  • Top-









  • okay-5







    Pretty is close to beautiful than cute.

  • Really pretty is better than cute.

    Cute means you are likable and sweet. Part of cute is also about a nice personality, you are lovable and endearing. It doesn't mean you aren't pretty, but cute girls tend to be girlfriend material.

    When cute does relate to looks, the girl is usually small and petite, and often young looking, but not ugly. She may be young looking and pretty. The type you would want to hug and cuddle. Celebrity example: Selena Gomez.

    Pretty-means you are good looking and nice to look at, you have an above average, attractive face, and you are feminine, but pretty alone isn't necessarily sexual. Celebrity example-Zooey Deschanel, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathaway

    Hot means "I want to f*** her". Hot girls are eye-catching. They may not even be pretty but they dress in a way that draws attention to their body, and they have a hot body. Yes some hot girls can be pretty and have attractive faces but some don't always have pretty faces, but their body and hair and provocative sexuality catches the guy's eye. A lot of times hot girls are the type guys just want to sleep with, and hot girls have good bodies. Often girls with big t*ts and or ass get called hot. Celebrity example-Kim Kardashiam, Nicole Scherzinger

    Sexy-can be similar to hot but maybe more toned down. When I think of sexy I think of a girl who has natural sex appeal but isn't flaunting it as much as a girl who would get called hot. She has that something special about her that makes you want her, and a natural sex appeal and part of it is probably her personality which is likely to be flirtatious.

    Okay-average or slightly better but less than all the others, nothing to write home about. The type of girl a guy would probably hook up with but not brag about. Celebrity example: Ashley Tisdale

    Beautiful-very very pretty and extremely attractive. Either an extremely attractive face or a very pretty face with a great body. Sometimes beautiful girls can have extremely lovely faces and just a normal body, or sometimes beautiful girls are beautiful because they have a very pretty face and a kickass body. These girls are stunning, the type that tons of guys want. To me beautiful is a huge compliment. Often beautiful girls are unique looking. Celebrity example-Mila Kunis, Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie

    Gorgeous-Similar to beautiful, but beautiful is slightly more powerful, where gorgeous is maybe more down to earth and very attractive but not exotic or so unique looking. Celebrity example-Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba


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