I wear little make-up?

i wear the same amount of make-up in an everyday setting (ie- to class) as I do out to the bars/parties at night. aka- not very much...eyeliner, mascara and a bit of powder. a lot of guys take notice of me and talk to me in these everyday settings, but I RARELY get hit on at the bar...whereas my friend who wears a sh*t ton of make-up out at the bar (I'm talking foundation, powder, lipstick, heaps of eyeshadow, liner and mascara) can't keep the guys off her...

i guess my question is, guys, do you prefer girls who put on a lot of make-up just to doll themselves up for a night out?


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  • Do you REALLY want to be hit on by people at a bar? I would rather talk to a girl at school, at least I know she has a brain on her and a little make up its fine by me. If you want to attract the attention of people at a bar, remember that you will be hit on by all kinds of people: drunks, weirdos, perverts and regular folk so before you get all dolled up ask yourself, is it really worth it?


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  • I could be wrong with this but I think the line of thinking goes something like this: the more makeup she has on, the more she wants guys to notice her. the more she wants guys to notice her, the more likely she'll be to have sex that night. Probably very little truth to the theory itself, but that's what I think goes on.

  • the point of make up is too like you're not wearing any or not wearing much

    if you know how to put it on then you're good

    never force yourself to put on more then you need cause that's a disaster waiting to happen

    I like it when she dresses up (because I do dress up as well) so just make sure you put some effort into your dress and you're ready to go =)

  • ya


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  • A lot of guys like natural beauty.

    But what really is an eye catcher are women who wear a ton of make up.

    I notice this a lot with guys,

    they will also say they like a woman who dresses conservative.

    But the first thing that will be eye catching is a woman who is showing off her goodies.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that,

    If a guy is looking for a girlfriend he will most likely take the woman who looks more conservative. or natural looking.

    If a guy is just looking to bang a female he will take the woman with a ton of make up who is dressed revealing.

  • Well who is prettier/has a hotter body? I am sure you are pretty, that's not what I'm saying, but it could be that the guys at the bar just happen to be more attracted to your friends.

    It sounds like you are probably also more classy than your friends. The guys at the bar just want a quick lay. If your friends go all cake face and wear more revealing clothing, they attract the one night stand type. Maybe you look more classy and refined, the bar guys might not want that but real guys in school/work/etc. like that and you probably look more respectable. This is a great thing.

    I guess sometimes a lot of makeup also makes a person stand out more and adds to the "hot" /possibly trashy look. That's what I would think guys at the bar would want.


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