What are men thinking when they see a girl that is attractive?

.For example...whan a guy looks at her butt, boobs and also her lips and hair, legs, arms and vagina very part...?

yeah I figured that much lol
And what if you're a married guy doing that? Are you interested then too?


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  • If their looking at a girl with nothing but lust on their mind, they're gonna look at their butt or boobs. If they look at their face, their thinking about something more than lust.

    Sometimes a guy will look at a girls face too much and not notice other features. For example there was this girl that I knew really well but only looked at her eyes, then one day I noticed her breasts and thought damn this girls busty (they were in front of my face).

    I also find that girls that I will want to have a relationship with, I'll be looking at their face more than their body and will only notice their body if something attracts my attention to a certain part.

    • Just curious, don't guys always look at girls even if they are in a committed relationship? Does it always mean they want to cheat? I was under the understanding that if a man is looking while committed it doesn't mean he is going to cheat. Maybe that's just what men want us to believe so we will let them keep looking. lol

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    • Agreed. A lot of my guy friends don't do that looking around.

    • Dfg456 I just have to say that your mind works in a lovely way and I am attracted to your way of thought. Its refreshing. :)

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  • Yea we are pretty visual. If a guy is looking you up and down like that with a high level of enthusiasm he is probably thinking...DANM! There is a god...And for me it usually means I'm probably interested in you.

  • That's kind of weird, I've had girls I wouldn't want a relationship with ever, but I still look at their face cause it's what I find most attractive about them. Boobs are awesome too (not necessarily big, it's just whatever goes well with you), and then unlike most guys I know I really couldn't care less about a girls ass, it's just not something I notice.

    In order of priority:

    Face in general




    ...and by this point I'm thinking sunlight shines out of her ass and angels sing, so I automatically say everything else about her is perfect.

  • If the guy is married... He's looking for a mistress, he probably shouldn't be doing that. Ignore the married guys, there's plenty of single guys out there that are just as good.

    • Actually for a married guy it's usually just more for fun because they're stuck with one woman. They can still dream about others.

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  • uh depends on how soon they are seeing all this. lol Men are very visual. They are thinking it looks good! lol

    • What if you're a married guy looking and thinking all that? Does it mean you're interested in cheating too?

    • Well, are we talking about magazines? Men are visual creatures. They will always look, but most don't think cheating is right. They aren't like us. We aren't going to look unless we are open to another person. They don't operate that way from what I understand. I'm reading a great book called "Men, Love and Sex" by David Zinczenko (got it from the library). It's from a man's perspective. It's eye opening!