If I am 2 inches taller - does it bother him?

He claims it doesn't. And it isn't like he is less manly- he is an MMA fighter and way stronger, heavier, and more muscly (Obviously) than me, but sometimes I feel like it would still bug him that I am taller.

I plan on being a model, I am 5'11 and he is 5'9, he says he loves it being I have amazing legs and he gets to tell people he is dating a model. Would it bug you?


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  • you know as long as she's thin that's what matters really, I've dated women taller then me I'm 5'10 it didn't bother me at all

    • Awesome, cause I am thin and getting thinner. Gotta be 115-120 for the runway :/

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    • lol I'm like 230 pounds in my adult life I've never been less then 190 and I was extremely weak at that point and recovering from a car wreck, I couldn't imagine being 115 pounds

    • I am pretty strong haha. I did kick boxing for a while. Learning MMA now too.

  • if it does he's a loser dump the a**hole! : )


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