Does this mean he was looking for me?

Ok, recently I've been running into the guy I like way more. When I go to my class I come down this one hall and I know that he goes down another because that's the easier way to where his locker is(I'm not a stalker I've just seen him there a bunch of times). I know he's always heading that way to go to his locker before his next class. One day he randomly came down my usual hall and saw me. Now, he's been coming down my way lately even though the other way is easier. Is he doing this to see me? Is he looking for me? When he sees me he looks at me but then he does that thing that people do when they don't want you to know they are looking at you, you know like gluing there eyes to a wall or something but in a non natural way. Normally I'd say it's obvious but he's older than me and it's complicated by that.


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  • He may be looking for you but from what you told this only means that your eyes met. Drop your books accidentally in front of him, and let him help pick it up;)

    • Hahaha. That would be so unlike me. To obvious. I've made it my new year's resolution to start talking to him again. I have before, it's just gotten a bit hard lately. Stupid quater ending!

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