Body or style flaws?

We all got them. so for the fun of it. just say your biggest or smallest flaws! haha. for example mine are: big nose, bakne

(almost gone :) ), I have a lot of hair all over by body. like everywhere you could think of (but I try to fix it), really big toes, weird fingers, small A32 boobs, ugly naked because of the pimples and hair. haha. I have a lot of flaws. so I just said mine, you say yours!
haha. don't my flaws just make you feel a whole lot better about yourself :)


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  • I have too many flaws.

    I'm short

    I'm slow

    I repeat myself

    I'm ugly

    I get tired easy

    I repeat myself

    I have a bad memory

    I'm disorganized

    I lose things

    I repeat myself

    I have a bad memory

    For starters


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  • my flaws is my emotions, I have hard time dealing with negative ones, I don't really show my anger or sadness.

    Physical - I have two scars on each my shoulders, cause when people see it, they always show concern for it, my height, I'm 5'10 while my brother is 6'3 and his girlfriend is 5'11 or 6' . I feel like a midget when they are around lol.

    • Okay you don't show anger. That's GOOD because few people should be subjected to a person's anger. Sometimes they desever it. Any person who assaults me gets my wrath. One person needed an ambulance after messing with me.

      As for the scars on your shoulders - I can't minimize those. I have probably more than a dozen scars from surgery across my chest. I never took inventory. And perhaps one or two on my neck. On my head I keep those scars hidden. But you're tall. I'm 5'1". Wish I were your height

    • im not tall lol, but I guess.

  • my back is curved in an odd way. not too bad tho, still got a few girls that don't care about that at all.

    besides that... I can't think of anything.

    i like my body.

    if you see a flaw in me, its cause I'm not your type.

  • Hey I'm really messed up... I got fat because I was actually pumped up. I've got bacne and a little face achne I got messed up mix of pecks and six pack... I Still have my virginity and haven't had a real girlfriend yet... O and I got stretch marks on my my bicep from my tattoo gel. I'm a mesS

  • *I don't have visible abdomen muscles

    *I procrastinate all the time

    *I'm disorganized

    * I never put things away properly when I'm done with them

    *I get discouraged easily

    *I waste time

    *I put things off until the last minute

  • I tend to wait too long to dump a girl. I call myself giving her a chance when I am really probably just procrastinating. I have to learn to draw the knife sooner.

  • I unfortunately grind my teeth when I sleep, so my teeth are about half the size of normal adult teeth.

  • O and you sound fine nd a32s isn't anything to be ashamed of I'd pick you over double D's

  • I probably have lots of flaws, but I've come to accept them.

  • I am overweight.

    I have a small penis.

    I have short hair that is so curly that it can never be even.

    I have permanently red cheeks.

    I have terribly rough skin.

    I bite my nails.

    I over-analyze all interpersonal situations involving me.

    I am way, way too jealous (whether it be academic, or related to my current S.O.).

    I have atrocious self-confidence and constantly compare myself to others.

    I have a bad fact-based memory regarding topics that simply don't interest me.

    I have really boring brown eyes. With glasses.

    I am usually cripplingly awkward in spontaneous social situations.


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  • - My hair's too short (trying to grow it out, but I suck at it). Plus, my hair's thin and oily.

    - Nose looks too big when light is face-on, and right above (plus, it's not perfectly straight)

    - I inherited buggy, slanty Asian eyes from my mother. Why didn't I get my dad's beautiful grey/blue eyes :(?

    - Facial acne/redness and oiliness. I look like crap without foundation/powder.

    - Eye bags from too little sleep

    - Jaw is too angular, and chin is too big (really really obvious in flash photography)

    - Too much stomach fat/thigh fat/calf fat but from the waist up, I look anorexic. Meaning I can't just lose weight to get a nice body. It's difficult to muster up the will to go to the gym when you know that the fat hourglass/ruler/apple on the treadmill only has lose a little weight to have a much better body than you, and that no matter what exercises you do, or how much fat you lose, you'll never have a great body.

    - As implied above, I have a pear shaped body: small boobs and wide hips. The worse combination, honestly.

    - Fat looking fingers (actually caused by large bone structure in fingers - even though I have small wrists (?))

    - Ugly fingernails

    - Large feet with thick ankles

    - .3 inches taller than my ideal (5'7")

    - Ugly black mole on my stomach

    - Teeth worn down from bruxism (teeth grinding), and braces

    - Lips are too thin to downplay generally large nose.

    Lol, you don't even want to imagine what I look like naked :).

  • I'm too objective

    I'm too fair

    I'm too empirical

    my eyebrows are too light

    i think too much

    im tall

    my nail cuticles p*ss me off

    right now I have a pimple the size of canada

    i sing too much

    i wait too long

    im too outspoken

    im too comfortable with myself

    my scolios is pretty severe

    my bums really big

    i think in spanglish

  • I see nothing good about myself really.. I know my best qualities are my eyes and my lips, but other then that I don't see anything. I see myself as fat and not pretty at all. Namely cause all guys I have liked all said no cause I wasn't some skinny chick with big boobs... I am trying too boost my confidence, but sadly it doesn't work very well.

    • :( you are still young and over time your body changes. so don't give up hope :) anyways I think your cute and if you really cared about your weight than just really wake up every morning and jog for half an hour. over time, ull see reall prograss :) hope I helped

  • I used to have really bad acne.. thank goodness for Acutane, its a life saver.

    My skin is really dry, and difficult to take care of.

    My hands and feet, are so ugly. hahaha

    My metabolism is bad, so I have to work super hard to stay how I want to.

    My nose is kinda bird like

    I have some stretch marks.

    buuuut, I'm not too worried about it. I like myself pretty well. :)

  • I've got stretch marks because my boobs grew so quick, I have a small bump on my nose, pimples (although that's probably not really a flaw, just something every teenager has to deal with) and I tend to gain weight easily on my tummy, so I really have to watch what I eat. Also, I'm quite lazy, clumpsy and disorganised.

  • i have 38 B's and a pot belly. I grind my teeth in my sleep on one side so my teeth are uneven. I have really wide and big feet and can't fit in most cute shoes. I have cellulite and I've seen people larger than me with no cellulite at all.

  • Instead of focusing on flaws, you should focus on what makes you beautiful. :)

    Just a suggestion.

  • I have A LOT of flaws, but I've just kinda got over them and accepted that this is how I am and I don't care what anyone else thinks about me.

  • Physical flaws - I have stretch marks on my legs *Inner/outer thighs and calves.

    Big nose.

    I don't like my overall shape/figure.

    I have small boobs. *B32

    I have bug bites scars. *From hiking too much.

    Personality/random flaws - I talk too fast.


    I'm really flirtatious.

    I can be careless at times.

    I start arguments just for the hell of it.

    I have a hard time expressing my feelings.

    - I believe that's all.. At the end of the day I am me and no one else. I accept everything that I am. :)

  • I got stertch marcks

  • I honestly love my body right now!

  • Awkward

  • I'm A34 going to 36 after 7 yrs!

  • I would actually like if this could be commented on to tell me if it's horrible or not.. :/

    * Weird natural middle lump in/on (whatever) the nose

    *Extremely jiggly but not fat looking thighs (but I've been running for 30 minutes every day now)

    * biggish forehead >xO

    *REALLY awkward around strangers or guys I like

    *back and chest acne (rarely on face)

    *palish (I can't seem to get a tan)

    *stretch lines on my butt ( ew + lol) >do those ever go away?<

    *braces (which means I'll most likely have teeth discoloration)

    *grind my teeth

    *I CRACK MY FINGERS! I can't seem to stop and I hate it because I don't want aothritist(idk how it's spelled)

    ~ I love my eyes, lips, tummy, arms, boobies, hair and more I suppose~

    ~besides the facial flaws I'm luckily naturally pretty and don't need makeup~

    ~I'm nice, smart, easy going~

    $ I gotta pu positives so I don't get sad, lol! $

  • I'm a tad furry for a girl, that one bugs me the most. I also scar VERY easily which has left me with tons of unwanted marks from acne, bug bites, injuries etc. I also have a LOT of faint stretch marks, due to my skin's stubbornness. I'd say my confidence is about average, I'm rational enough to know that I'm not by most standards 'pretty', but I work with what I got and I know I have a lot of positives as well :). I like to stay objectionable so there's always room for improvement!

  • backnee

    big nose

    small beedy eyes

    yellow teeth from smoking

    awkwardly shaped and lanky

    have massiave indents under my hips

    im ugly naked

    have prett small boobs

    big forehead

    obssesive insecurities

    cake face

    big feet

    pastey white

    stretch marks everyswhere for no reason


    more pimples from wearing makeup because of pimples

    fugly without makeup

    im stupid


    a bitch

    and everyone loves me but I don't know why

  • An indent right under my hips that I've been self conscious of since I was 11:) like this--> link It looks like I have a constant muffin top... I have weird looking fingers... And my new thing that I just got is cellulite on my stomach... I miss my high school body:( But luckily winter clothes covers up these flaws/quirks for the most part which is good!:D

  • The complexion on my legs isn't so even.

    I have pretty bad undereye circles without concealer.

    My nose isn't perfect

    My thighs are kind of thick (though I learned to love them in a weird way, plus guys like them since my body isn't fat)

    But despite all this, I know I am still beautiful


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