Why do eyelashes fall out? Can vasiline make eyelashes grow?

i naturally have long thick lashes, but lately in the past month they have been falling out like crazy. every morning I wash my face and I see like 10 hairs! I'm so scared theyll go bald. I heard vaseline helps, have you tried it? do you recommend anything else? what about almond oil or olive oil?

ps- I take womens one a day multivitamin, biotin and prenatal vitamins too not sure if theyre working


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  • You probably should go see a doctor about that. When eyelashes fall out like that, sometimes it can be a parasite that's causing it.

    Actually, I've found that vaseline clogs pores. So I really don't recommend it. Best advice, go see a doctor.


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  • Vaseline let the lashes grow and grow so much, so you can lay down your sun.spectacles. LOL

    • Some users don`t understand the irony. How can vaseline grow your lashes?, don`t be so naive.

      Why are so many US-Americans so much blue-eyed? From time to time I must shake my head, or hold my hand at the forehead.

    • this question is for girls, as a guy you don't understand how to maintain lashes and remedies and stuff, you can google vaseline for eyelashes its a classic beauty remedy

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  • I've tried vasiline, and as far as I can tell it doesn't make them grow longer, it conditions them... kinda like hair conditioner. lol


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