What kind of new clothes should I get?

My built is.

6 ft

not too muscular but not skinny

My personality is:

A partier

But I can also be really into school.

And I love picking up girls.

What do you girls think. links would be helpful


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  • You're too tall for skinny jeans/pants. If you're thin, try something with a front pleat. Fitted boot-cut dark wash jeans are sexy on most people. ;-)

    Partier -- at bar/lounges or at those grunge clubs? (One is way more formal then the other, so the wardrobe would be different.)

    If you send/post more detail on your coloring, I can include recommendations for your ideal color palate (in terms of shirts/sweaters/etc.).

    If you do belts, make sure the belt matches your shoes. If you do sneakers, skip the belt.


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  • jeans & button ups. Always a good combination. Always. You can put on another shirt under it if you're cold or get flannel for winter. But make sure they're nice jeans that fit well (dark fabric, not too tight, not too lose). That with those shoes that are like sneakers but don't look like you're about to head on a run. Perfect.

  • do you have a budget?


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