What to wear to a house party?

so I met this girl in class and she is throwing a birthday party for herself. you can wear lingerie if you want (she is but I'm not). What would be appropriate to wear at a house party like this? ( don't know if it matters but there will be strippers there at this party.)


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  • A cute dress.

    Or a cute top and jeans.

    • if I wear a dress how high should the heels be?

    • Well since its a house party I'd probably wear a 2 inch heel at most.

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  • Lingerie? At a house party...seems a little fishy to me

    • Halloween theme... what's fishy about that?

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    • i asked y it sounds fishy and all you say is it sounds fishy? your comment was pointless

    • How would I know if it's actually fishy or not. All I said is that I have a fishy feeling

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  • Just jeans and a tee shirt. Something you can move around in and be comfortable in.


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