Model agency invited me...Could you give me some tips please

A models agency invited me to come for an interview today in one week. Could you give me tips on makeup, hair and how I could prepare?

Thank you


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  • minimal minimal minimal!

    they want to see YOU not who you can make yourself look like!

    go simply dressed, don't pile on the bling lol

    a good agency won't just have the boss and you in the interview room, FOR YOUR SAFETY!

    if it happens that there is not at least 3 of you in the room ask for another person to come in.

    One of them should be the same sex as you.

    dont be afraid to ask them questions! why did they choose you? what type of modeling do they have in mind?

    dont 'fake' the body! don't wear those super push-up bras or those 'shapewear' panties!

    they want to see what they can work with, they can imagine you with that stuff on.

    the modeling business is a competitive trade, they want ambition.

    "I could be better than Kate Moss" - won't really go down well, it's not really true (sorry lol you know what I mean)

    "I have the drive and ambition to be as good as Kate Moss" - now that's seen as GREAT!

    good luck!

    • Thank you:-) This really helps.

    • glad I could help!

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  • don't have a blond moment, don't get naked and do now sleep with anyone there.

  • Check out the agency online. Make sure they're legitimate.

    • Yeah its a good agency

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  • wear your hair simply- down or up works fine.

    wear minimal make up.

    take high heels and dress simply- probably black trousers or black skinny jeans with some sort of blouse

    watch those modeling shows more xD

    you can learn a lot from the go-see episodes

  • simple makeup (no eyeshadow, no lipstick)

    hair down

    skinny jeans and a black tanktop, bring heels.

    be ON TIME

    have your portfolio ready (if you have one)

    • She's very right. I know someone who was an intern for a fashion agency and whenever I picked her up there was a group of girls exactly like that. I have noticed how they wash their faces and don't do their hair and stuff.

      And yeah, they'd probably even ask you to walk

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