Decent flat boots? Help from fashionistas?

I'm looking for some decent looking flat boots... I'm open to any opions but so far I seem to like:

-lace up boots

-red boots

-leather/ brown

-Victorian looking

-combat boots... But feel free to give me any links you like


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  • If you're looking for excellent quality boots, I would recommend these brands (sorry my level is not high enough to post links):



    Tactical Research.


    These are just some of the companies that supply the 4 branches of the US military with boots. Each are awesome companies that I can personally attest to their quality and durability. The "Sierra" tread is the one currently being used on boots and is pretty flat and only has a small heel. Most boots come in Tan/ Coyote brown, Black, and foliage green, unless it's black leather, rough out leather is typically used to construct the outer shell of the boots. They are very tough and durable so if you need to rum them through some abuse, they can take it. Some are even Gortex lined, no water gets through them, and I've stood in puddles over the top of my feet for a solid ten minutes wearing them. Cochran sells their historic brown jump boot (WW2 era Paratrooper boots) if you are looking for brown rather than tan, coyote, foliage or black. They are all very comfortable boots stock from the factory but you may still want to get insoles more comfortable and to your liking.

    Good luck, I hope this has helped a little. :)


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  • There are plenty of shoe sites online...


    Department stores --> Macy's, Carsons, Nordstrom, etc.

    Famous Footwear

    Steve Madden

    etc etc...


  • boot barn or boot world. google it.


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