I'm a tomboy trying to get a little more girly!

I have always been a farm girl. Jeans and swim suit tops all summer long! My boyfriend likes his girls to be a little more girlie at time but I feel so weird in dresses. I know I'm not ugly but I just never feel pretty enough to stand out in that way. I can go out dirty and farm fresh but cleaned up and sexy I just feel weird!
He never told me he wants me to be more girlie I just know he likes it and I wanna do it for him. At some point all girls should learn to be a girl. I like doingit I just don't know how.


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  • Hmm - is it because your afraid to be too girlie? Like you don't want to give off the vibe that your some superficial, cares to much about her appearance, thinks she's so pretty vibe?

    That's my reason for being a tomboy sometimes lol -

    I grew up getting dirty - not on a farm or anything (city girl,) sometimes I'd help out on my cousin's farm over the summers - but besides that, I was just into sports and doing guy things. Didn't mind getting messy. On top of being told that showing weakness is never good - and women are always perceived as weak, so I associate that idea with heels and dresses - though now I realize how much power a sexy little dress and some pumps can actually give a girl lol

    So It could be more of a mental thing, like you don't want people to get the wrong idea about you or something like that maybe?

    But it is weird - it's so weird when you first start embracing that aspect of being female. Not sure what to make of yourself in the dress, ankles hurt already from putting on the heels - your thinking wtf am I doing?

    But change is always weird lol

    Just slowly adjust yourself to it - like start doing more girl oriented things like getting your nails and hair done proffesionally.

    Start to look at yourself as being a hardworking, but also beautiful and sexy woman. Embrace your attributes / curves and your beauty.

    Play with your make up - look up different tecniques to do, have fun with color. Play with your hair too - try to put it in new styles, curl it , flip it, etc -

    It also helps if you have some chick friends who are more into that girlie scene, who will help you do your hair, do your make up, critique how you look etc - go out shopping with, and do that kinds of stuff with.

    My bestie is more on the girlie side - like she wears heels every day girlie - and she made the process fun and a lot less weird.


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  • Personally I like the way you are now better than what you're trying to be.

  • LOL

    NEVER change yourself for a guy. He should like you for you, shame on him for even telling you that.

    I think at some point, all men love girlie women for a number of reasons which, if you want we can talk about more in depth at a later time but..that gives him no right to just tell you he wants you to be more girly. That's unfair to you. It would be like saying to him "I want you to be more like a Calvin Klein Underwear model". Can you imagine what he might say to that, or feel?


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  • Don't try and change yourself for a guy. If you really do want to be more girlie and feminine, don't wear something that you are uncomfortable in or that you feel like you can't be yourself in. Just a small upgrade. Get nicer jeans that show off your curves (and save them for NOT working in) and a few cute button-up blouses or fancy t-shirts. You don't have to go SUPER girly. Just embrace your inner "pretty" and take baby steps. Someday you may want to go further and wear even girlier things, but for now, that isn't who you are and you shouldn't try to push youself to be someone you're not. Instead of wearing makeup, maybe take around a clear or slightly colored lip-gloss/balm for moisture. It will make a small difference (and moisturize at the same time!) And by way of hair, if you usually have it up, try putting it down. You can straighten it or curl it if you like, but sometimes just blowdrying it in the right position will be all you need. If you usually have it down, try styling it or doing a partial updo (like putting the top layer in a clip at the back or braiding a few strands in the front and pinning it back). Get some comfortable shoes like converse or stylish tennis shoes that you don't feel super uncomfortable in but won't be dirty or worn when you wear them. Hope I helped :)

  • go through a magazine of glamour or vogue and find something you like and go shopping with your girlfriends. then problem solved :)


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