What's my eye shape? look at my pics

^ the question above...im looking up makeup idea's but I can't tell what shape they are and if they are wide set , close set or deep set or whatever else.
so would they be almond?


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  • It's really hard to tell what your eye shapes are since all of your pictures don't portray your face/eyes well. There's one of your eyes squinting, there's many of the ones you're looking from the side, etc. You should probably take better pictures of your face when you're asking questions like this.

    As for makeup, you'll probably need to practice A LOT to get the right makeup look since I'm assuming you're not very experienced with makeup. Consider using false eye lashes (with heavy lashes at the end) since that gives the look of heavy, sexy bedroom eyes.

    • well I don't wear makeup really just eyeliner and mascara, I hate eyeshadow and false eyelashes. I like to be natural not all fake and made up

    • Yea, that's what I assumed. I'm not saying that it's bad that you prefer the natural look. I think it's great. But you were asking for makeup advice so I'm just telling you to play with it because the first time you do it, it won't be the best or the way you would want it. But that's just my advice for you. If you hate using all those things, then you probably should just stick with the elements your comfortable with.

    • thanks :) ha ha yea its too confusing for me lol and I know I did ask that lol I feel my eyes are similar to megan fox's as well in color and shape so I try to look up makeup for her and sometimes drew barrymore but I prefer just simple.

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  • Do you have Asian roots? I don't know what shape but they look asian. I think they have those eye surgeries you can get

    • 1 question. why do you have a pic comparing you and megan Fox?

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    • sorry I had to say something. You don't look like Megan Fox!

    • well I think I do.

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  • Its kinda hard to tell from your photos but I would say your eyes are narrow and close set

  • Definitely not deep set. A bit close set. And on the narrow side. Google eye shapes and stuff you should find a better guide to determine.

  • it shouldn't really matter, I've never heard those terms before

    you can search YouTube for makeup tutorials


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