Stupid short legs?

I ran track in high school and also cross country. I'm not in high school anymore but I still run as a workout. I am only 5'1 and my friends are all 5'10 and 5'11. I don't know how we befriended each other lol but they always tell me I need to stop running and do workouts that lengthen them and to do more feminine workouts. they do pilates and yoga so I am asking you for your opinions. they always make fun of my legs and call me stumpy and always remind me long and feminine over short and boyish. I have a pear shaped body I am a B and C cup and my waist is small and my hips are sort of big but my legs and butt are toned and I guess muscular. would yoga and pilates help undo years of damage? will they make them appear longer and skinnier?


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  • Your friends are retarded. No offense.

    There is no way to make your legs longer by excercising - hell I don't thin there's a surgery where you can get that done.

    Your fine the way you are love - your sporty and healthy. Your on the small side but so what. Guys like a girl with nice wide hips, nice tushy and some squeezable t*ts.

    Not some lanky string bean that looks about ready to blow away with the wind lol

    Just keep your health about you and embrace your adorable size lol some of my closest friends are like 5'3 and 5'2 so -

    Plus, it's harder for taller girls to find guys because guys usually prefer shorter girls. The average height for guys is 5'8 - 5'9 - I'm 5'8 lol so you can see how that can be a little problem. Especially when I'm in heels lol.

    Anyway, your cute, small and adorable. You will never be able to be an Amazon - it's just not in your genetic make up - but that's fine. Embrace yourself and tell your friends to quit bugging you about it.

    Because your friends definitely shouldn't be the one's making you dislike your body - good chick friends should make each other feel great the way they are.

    So their yoga and pillates can shove it -

    though the yoga and pillates is great for toning the stomach and thighs if you want so more tone. Other than that - yea you'll always be 5' 1.

    But that's OKAY.

    So love yourself.




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  • 5'1" just like me.

    I like you already. Hi. I'm Sean.

    True thinner legs will make them appear longer but reality will set in soon enough.

    If I had a solution I would have found it years ago. A leg transplant perhaps. I'm up for the experiment. But I love my wife, she's great. And usually has no problem with my height despite being 7" taller than me.

  • I think pilates makes them look longer and thinner. But no big deal if you have short legs. I say you are at no disadvantage compared to the other girls you are talking about looks wise. But If you want to be fast in cross country then maybe longer legs might help. For intense sprinting shorter legs may be beneficial.

  • Those girls are stupid. Yoga isn't going to make your legs longer. You have a good body and a lot of guys find girls like you attractive.

  • I'm 6'6"


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  • sweetie you can't do pilates to make your legs longer. now you can do it to make the muscles leaner instead of bulky yes you can do that but you are built the way you are built and there's no sense in fighting it...embrace it and tell those other girls that you like your body just the way it is...girls are so evil I swear to God :\

  • if your a c cup you probably need to lose some weight.girls who are a and b cups are skinny if your skinny you will have skinny legs that look long

    • This was a dumb answer. Sorry but come on.

      There are girls who are 90 pounds with C cup breast. Breast size varies - Likewise, there are girls who are 200 ibs + with A cups.

      Even if she gets super skinny - she'll still be 5'1.

  • Tall girls ftw were more girlie and feminine

  • Guys don't hate short legs they just don't prefer them! I am naturally skinny so I don't know