Skateboarding shoes?

Ok so I have really wide feet. My normal shoe size is 11.5-12 but since my feet are so wide I have to wear size 14 skateboarding shoes just so that when theyre broken in the sides don't rip out. And I'm tired of it I need shoes that my toes fill out(beleive it or not it does affect my skating). Any suggestions? Price doesn't matter and contacting the shoe maker is as useful as a skateboard made of concrete. please HELP ME.


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  • How wide is your deck?

    I shred with VANS Half Cabs, and they seem to be bit more wide than their other shoes.

    Try em out, they look cool as f*** too.

  • Older etnies an emerica, new nike skate shoes...have you tried like painting them in shoe glue...just an idea

    • Shoe glue? I mean my feet have torn out triple stitching I think shoe glue is a no go on that one.

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