Ladies, what is the sexiest thing a guy could wear in public/school?

What sort of clothes do you find are easy on your eyes? Fashion trends? What sort of Pants, shoes, whatever, makes a guy more intriguing, and/or "cuter"? I been thinking about revamping my wardrobe. And lets be honest, I want to look good. Everyone does. I don't care what other guys think, I'm not trying to attract guys. Thanks.


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  • okay let me just state...your trousers nearly down my your knees isn't a good look, its not easy on the eyes and no one wants to see your teddy bear boxers.

    lets do good now lol...anything that is comfy for you, tread carefully on 'sexy', guys can end up looking trashy too lol.

    sneakers for shoes! one thing I can't stand is link if you come to school with mules I AM going to laugh!

    apprantly tights for guys are coming in season..god help us!

    • But my undies have power rangers :( lol I don't sag anyway.

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    • Nah, I don't mess with tmnt. They ride up. :/

    • lol turtle wedgies!

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