Girls and Halloween costumes?

What do you guys think of those girls who didn't dress up slutty for Halloween?

I know that Halloween is known for giving girls an excuse to dress slutty. So what do you think of a cute girl wearing a Halloween outfit that was cute but not overly revealing (basically skin all covered up except face and hands), but wearing a more form fitting outfit?


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  • I would think she different like the good different.


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  • I won't lie - slutty outfits DO get attention. It's understandable. Who would get your attention first; a guy dressed like a horse, or a guy dressed like a Calvin Klein underwear model? Guys are the same way. Clothing that comes close to showing boobs or butts draw our attention, for understandable reasons.

    That's just first reaction, though. The girl that I go talk to isn't necessarily the one dressed up as Jenna Jameson. The slutty-looking ones are usually attention whores who want everyone to notice her and pay attention to her. That's not the kind of girl I want. it's the girl I think is cute that I want to talk to. She's probably dressed a little more conservative, and isn't flaunting it every chance she gets. If I get anywhere with her, I know she won't dress in a quasi-stripper outfit every day, so it's not worth judging a girl on. Granted, it doesn't mean I won't look at the slutty girl, mind you, but I probably won't be pushing to do more.

    Point is, dress however you want! The pervs will hit on the slutty girls anyway, so let them. The pervs can have them and you can get yourself a good guy! Halloween is for dressing up and having fun. If dressing like a stripper isn't your idea of fun, then dress how YOU want! It's your body, you show it off however you want.

  • i'd think she's the type I'd want as a gf.


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  • Just wear a costume that's sluttyish, but make sure you're only showing either a lot of leg, or a lot of boob. If you're less covered up on top, balance it by covering up your legs more. Then it won't really be slutty!

    • What's wrong with just wearing something that doesn't focus on showing parts of yourself off?

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    • You don't have to dress like a slut to look good..

    • Not even going to bother!

  • They think nothing of it.

    They'll simply overlook you or not notice you though. Slutty is very much preferred, even though it's claimed otherwise on here

  • my best friend and I don't want to be dresses slutty but this doesent mean we won't look sexy ;)


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