How can I accept my body?

I am 5'6 135lbs and totally unhappy. How can I learn to accept myself? I exercise 5-7 days a week, aerobics, weightlifting you name it and eat very healthy but I can't get a flat stomach and can't lose weight and I want to actually like myself for once. This is not to get attention I just sincerely want some advice because I'm afraid of what I might push myself to doing. Thanks


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  • Don't think that just because you aren't a size 6 means you are unattractive... Girls who actually have personality are a lot more attractive, try not to let wanting to be thinner control your life. Try going out with your friends and just have fun. You will probably find that you forget about it altogether.

  • Well from what you have said, you seem to be quite healthy. And to be honest, most people don't have that "perfect flat" stomach even though you see everyone on the media that does. Genetics actually takes a part of how your body is. I am sure your body is great and very healthy with all of what you do, just keep working at it! Just try not to get so caught up with it and enjoy your life :)

    • thanks I'll try that. I appreciate your answer :)

    • Good luck and you are most welcome :)

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