This great song!!

Do you know where I could find this song, "everything I own" by Tesla? but it's originally sang by Bread. I'm really into that song and I tried to look for it on every website, but couldn't find it. I heard it on myspace tesla band, but they removed it :(


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  • Download "Limewire". It's top notch for finding songs that are impossible to find anywhere else!

    • As I go to type I find this person has already said what I was going to say.

      Just make sure when your downloading you don't download the wrong thing. And preview it while it downloads to make sure it is it. Because sometimes its not it.

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    • Yeah.. I guess I tried every possible website on the net.. videos.. audios section and couldn't find it. But I couldn't find it on limewire either.. so I kept on searching and I found it so I downloaded the whole free new tesla album from some site.. haha

    • Limewire royally f'ed up my laptop : (

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