Does anybody here sometimes feel so ugly that they want to skip class?

Do any of you feel like your self esteem gets so low sometimes based on something somebody said a while ago or you just feel so ugly in the morning sometimes that you decide to skip class? I've had many experiences like his where I felt too ugly right after opening my eyes in he morning ( my mom makes me feel like sh*t about myself because she tells me how fat and shapeless I look after having gained some weight) and tearing up a bit. I've already missed several classes because of this . I just feel so ashamed of myself and I hate myself and have feelings like this everyday.

I am 22 years old and feel like crap everyday nd as a result of my low self esteem and unwillingness to approach people, I have no friends whatsoever nor ever had a boyfriend and lack the confidence to move out of my family's house to live on my own and not hear my mother's spiteful remarks.

I hate my life and I wish I was never born. I am also shamed of being Asian American because of how I look like and our culture system and he prejudices faced living in American society.


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  • The solution to your problem is easy : Move out.

    The fact that you haven't done this, means your problems are deeper than what you've outlined here.


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