How can I change my style? girls only

I'm a regular girl who dress in jean and sweatshirts all the time. I think yesterday or the day before, a friend of mines told me I have a outstanding shape. I didn't notice it until she told me. So I was wondering what can I wear that guys will like to see girls in but not to skippy.


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  • I'd do the change subtly.

    You don't want a complete culture shock - when people try to change that way, they often go right back into their old habits.

    I'd get rid of a couple of sweatshirts from your wardrobe, and just keep a couple of pairs of jeans - and introduce some girly blouses - to add a bit of femininity to your look.

    Then start adding maybe a couple of skirts/dresses/t-shirts ...etc, over time.

    Slowly changing may to you - seem like you're not changing at all, but you grow more comfortable with the new you.

    Maybe try doing something with your hair too - get a slight highlight, or a cut or something. Just to show yourself this is the start of the new you.

    A pair of nice heels easily sets off an outfit as more dressy.

    I'd also try not to choose a style you want to be - but to just go out - and when you see an item you like, buy it - even if it doesn't go with everything else you own. Owning something different often inspires me to go out and look for something to match - which in turn leads to a slight adjustment in my style.

    Hope some of that was helpful.


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  • Buy a bunch of cute tops, then you will have to buy bottoms to go with it. And wear dresses...I think not enough people wear dresses and guys seem to really like it too. Or you can get a lot of accessories and build your future outfits around them

  • If you want change ur style,do it just because of yourself girl!

    I would advice you too do a new haircut,and buy some hot clothes..(not slutty tho)Those should be feminine and elegant.

    Also if you have confidence,it's sexy ;)

  • try colored skinnny jeans and a white skintight shirt.

    that always shows my shape. (:

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