Should I get a snakebite or spiderbite piercing?

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  • If I had to suggest one I would suggest snake bites.


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  • no idea what either was until now, checking google.. and I gotta say, neither. Both look trashy to me.

    • You do realize that I already have a lip piercing, right?

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    • The society is changing with the generations, in North America piercings and tattoos are becoming more common place making it part of the cultural norm. I can't walk down the hallway of a high school without seeing someone with a piercing. You may say it is a foolish adolescent thing, but it is not as unaccepted as you think even among adults, though, I suppose you think they are foolish and immature also.

    • Adults are tolerant of it, no doubt, but it doesn't mean they won't make you seem more immature to them. Last I read from several studies (and experiences I've had myself and heard from friends) having such blatantly showing will hurt your chances at having or even keeping the jobs that aren't ones like a bartender or waitress/waiter or whatnot.

      Btw, High School != Real World.

  • I think they both look awful.

  • You could. It would look good with yo face :)

  • Two on one side looks lame. Go for snakebites.


What Girls Said 4

  • If you are going to poke a hole around a hole (in other words stick metal into your face), go with snake bites, spider bites are absolutely stupid, they look like they made a mistake. Be sure to think any piercing through though, you will be pigeon-holed into the 'up-to-no-good' crowd, and they are known to have scars, get infected, and for 2-4 months afterward (the healing stages), it can get pretty ugly (as in swelling, redness, soreness, white stuff on the inside of the lip, a clear, white, or yellow pus, and a little dried blood at first), you also can't smoke, drink alcohol, or make out with anyone until it's healed. You should clean it three times a day (every time you eat), at least until it heals then a minimum once a day, that doesn't include simply brushing your teeth. If you think it's worth it though, go ahead. Not trying to scare you out of it, but I pierced my lip while in high school and now have a scar and the story of how I didn't clean it (just brushed my teeth because I thought that was enough) for a few days and got a bad infection because I didn't know this and was just thinking that it was cool.

    • I already know all that seeing as I already have one lip piercing and a nostril piercing and have thought out most of my piercings for a year before finally getting them. Also, my first lip piercing was mostly healed after the first two weeks since that is the usual healing time for a lip piercing. Though, some it takes up to a year to heal, so, maybe I was just lucky.

    • Just wanted to make sure, not just for you, but if anyone else reading was thinking about it. I had a bad experience with mine.

  • I think spider bites look awful. snakebite, if you must.

  • I don't like either, sorry

  • neither.


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