What's your favorite style in a girl?

Whats your favorite type of girl? What color hair and how long? Straight, wavy, curly? What color eyes? Big, small, medium? What about body type? Tall, short, big topped, skinny, curvy, chubby? What type of skin? Porceline, tan, REALLY tan, freckles, black, really white? Clothing style? Sporty, super girly, goth, fancy, trendy? Add watever you can think of! :)

PS check out some of my other post pleaseee! All of a sudden no one answer anything! Theyre really important! Thank you!


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  • -no hair color preference

    -long hair not too curly ( not a fan of messy curly hair )

    -no eye color pref.


    - healthy skinny but not anorexia skinny

    -slight tan is always nice , but not too much , just white is also nice

    - I like trendy and fashionably dressed women , also sporty ( but not in a jogging please, unless you run in slow motion past me XD)

    - not too big breasts , I'm not the big-boob-fan :D


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  • I place personality as a priority higher than others. Somebody who shares similar interests, characteristics, likes me for who I am etc. That out of the way I love long hair, even medium looks great on some girls. Eyes and skin I don't have a big preference as long as the eyes are sexy. Shouldn't be taller than me and curvy. I'm really attracted to big boobs, asses, and a cute face.

  • I like a shy girl with blond curly hair and blue eyes. I would prefer a short slim girl with tan skin and wears conservative clothes and I would want her to be sporty of fancy.

  • If she's not a bitch and has a cute personality then she's a favorite.


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