How do I make my nail polish stay put?

I have a bit of an obsession with my nails, I like to keep them polished. This becomes difficult when my polish chips, when it does I have to take it off and repaint them. I have the professional grade polish, and when I use a top coat it just peels off instead of chipping. I can't afford to have them professionally done, and I hate acrylic tips, I think they look tacky (at least on me) and they're too expensive (and time consuming) to keep up with. I file my nails then paint them, is that why this is happening? Can anyone give me some tips on preserving my nail polish so I can stop having to paint them everyday/multiple times a day?


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  • Wash your hands and fingernails with a nail brush & soap before applying any polish, then make sure they're completely dry

    You may need a base coat. Some people find base coats help their polish stay on, others find it unnecessary. I think it depends on how much you use your hands. Since my mom uses her hands alot, she finds it helps but I don't use my hands much so I don't use a base coat.

    Then apply polish. wait. apply second coat if you do(some people do, some don't).

    A tip I read in Allure is when you polish, make sure to polish the edges of you nails with both the nail polish and the top coat. That helps "seal" them and prevent cracking.

    Then use a top coat. Allure said to do the top coat, then wait. do another top coat. and a couple of hours later do a top coat.

    it's obviously personal preference.

    Do you use Seche? or what brands of polish?

    • OPI, China glaze, or ULTA. I've even tried the cheap brands, but I never even thought of a base coat, I'll have to try it.

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  • put on more coats


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  • When your nail polish is completely dry run your fingers under cold water then let air dry and apply your top coat

  • try OPI. there polish stays on the longest


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