How much leg hair is normal for girls?

Every time I look down at my lower legs I'm a bit appalled by the amount of leg hair I have. I'm worried that the amount of leg hair I'm seeing is abnormal for a regular girl with balanced hormones.

I do not have any leg hair on my thighs, but I am really bothered by the amt of hair I have on my lower legs and my lower arms.

My mom doesn't want me to shave my legs because she believes it will grow back faster and darker.

It really bothers me and whenever I look at my legs, I feel like I'm looking at a guy's leg and it disgusts me.

If I can visibly see dark hair on my lower legs, is it more than normal hairiness for a girl?

I am 22 years old, btw...


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What Guys Said 2

  • If you don't shave them then you're obviously going to have more hair than pretty much every other girl. You should definitely shave them, you're an adult don't listen to your mom. Yes it will grow back looking thicker, but that's why you shave again, its not a one time thing.

  • Use a depilatory cream like nair or veet.


What Girls Said 1

  • Cut with the flow of the hair in its direction it will not cause more to grow back. When you say "normal" its not like that. The amount of hair you have is a result of your parents and genetics. My mother was relatively hairy my father very much so. So I have arm hair and leg hair ,as every mammal has hair, honeslty I wouldn't worry if I was you. Maybe just get a permamnent removal if you don't want to always get rid of it. You are 22 your body is yours.


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