This guy told me I look snobby/not friendly/intimidating/ I could curse someone out if they said something bad

I asked him how I look and this is what he told me!.. I was kinda upset because I am literally the complete opposite. He told me that's how I look not how I am.. How can I be approachable?!


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  • If you talk to more people, laugh, crack some jokes. All of those things will make you seem outgoing and a bit more approachable.

    • yeah I will try. it's hard though, cause that's not my personality unless I feel comfortable with you

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    • Yeah he knows that because it was me him and my other friend talking and she was saying how people think she's a bitch. and I'm like yeah I think people think I'm really mean but its just because I'm shy/awkward and then that's when he chimed in saying how I look. I was like omgosh! I look so terrible. and he's like its how you look not how you are and I'm like alright..

    • Haha Yeah, well that's why they say don't judge a book by it's cover but a lot of us doing anyways.

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  • Smile more and chat more, crack jokes more...

  • We don't really know how you behave, so we wouldn't really know. Try keeping your arms uncrossed and try not to frown all the time. If you look happy, you'll be more approachable. The clothes thing is only a thing of money. If a guy sees you wearing more expensive clothes he may think you're a bit much to try and take care of. We know that's not true but it's what comes to mind, first. You don't have to change your personality or your clothes, just makes sure you have inviting postures such as not frowning so much (assuming you do), like I said


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  • You could always try smiling more that's always a good sign of a kind person(: maybe even be less snappy if you get offended easily(:


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