Any of you ladies tried the Nexxus split end treatment stuff?

I just bought some hoping it will help with my split ends (I got the overnight treatment) and was wondering if anyone has tried it and seen good results? or did it do nothing at all?


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  • I have nexus pro-mend...I'm happy with it and it smells nice also.

    • I liked the smell before I put it in my hair... after, with the smell of my shampoo, not so nice...

    • Hmmm...that's a you think it was just the mixing of the two different products or just the nexxus product itself because it smells like vanilla to me

    • I think it is just the mix of the two. I might try a different shampoo and see if that makes a difference...

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  • Not sure what that is. But I use a Nexus walker for mobility.

    • very funny sir :p

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    • And this I did not know. Thanks.

      And did I accidentally hit "report" instead of "comment?"

      To the powers that be, it's all my fault. Shygirl did nothing wrong.

    • No problem :)

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  • i actually am planing on getting it too I don't have a lot of split ends though but I think it might be better for my hair. I hurd it really makes your hair better and healthyer so lets see if that's true lol

    • I thought I posted on this yesterday, apparently it didn't work :/

      Anyway, I used it the night before last, it made my hair extremely soft when I washed it out in the morning. My hair was easier to style, and the comb went right through my hair (there were no knots at all). When I looked for any of the split ends, they do appear to have "vanished". I still can see a few, but much less than what it was before.

    • ohh that's pritty cool well I don't have problems with split ends or tangles hair but it hink that will prabably make my hair better

  • Love it! I use it about once or twice a week and have noticed a huge difference in about a few weeks. My hair seems to drink that stuff in lol. And it also smells really good. If you're afraid that it smells bad with your other products that you use, try using it as night and washing it out in the morning. Good luck :)


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