Is Sugering ok for whole body wax?

i wana try sugering wax for my whole body, and its my first time waxing the Entire is it safe since I'm doing it by myself?


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  • depends on how often your going to do it. shaving is easier but you ALWAYS have to do it. if serious about hair loss LASER is something to check out but I am not expert, I only shave ehh emm "certain" areas


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  • Yeah it's perfectly fine. I exfoliate my legs with a sugar scrub when I shave, and it seems to work well to give me that "glow." Instead of waxing, I just shave everywhere.

    however, the first time, it's smarter to get it done professionally so you'll know how it's done and so your skin won't get irritated. : )

    • Thanks for the info:) but I wanted to avoid high rates of money for professionally done and do it at home instead since I don't work yet:(

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    • Its true that shaving is faster to do without any pain but..with shaving, the results are not long lasting tho right...and then when the hair grows back, its thicker and it kinda hurts because of the thickness of the hair...i would love to go to salon and get it done but I don't work yet so I don't wana spend too much on it:( any other way? how do you shave and are you satisfied?

    • @redhearbabygirl, I think she meant sugaring as in the hair removal method, and you mean a sugar scrub.