Girl Pretty and Guy Pretty Difference?

they say there is a difference between what women find attractive in other women, and what men find attractive in women. what do you think this is? and who would be an example of a woman who is "girl pretty" and a woman who is "guy pretty"? what qualities/traits do they have that make a difference?


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  • Women tend to base a girl off of what she wears while men tend to base a girl off of what she looks like. i.e. her butt, her boobs etc..since women are fashion oriented and men are thinking about sex.

    My current celebrity crush is Whitney Cummings (great last name, eh?). She's not only super hot, but she's also hilarious and if you saw her on Letterman last night, you'd know she's sweet and nice too. To top it off, I'm Jewish and she is too. I would marry her, if I met her right now (OK I went too far with that, but you get my point)

    Besides, you were generalizing. What's pretty to one guy/woman isn't necessarily pretty to another. For example, lots of men and women think Megan Fox, is HOT. I however, don't. I could care less for her and I'm a straight male. LOL


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  • Girl pretty worries more about what's trendy, and less about body.


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  • I think guy pretty is much more simple and straight forward. Jeans, tight tee shirt, nice shoes, natural makeup (some guys like smokey eyes, some dig a red lip)

    Girl pretty is much more detail oriented- high waisted pencil skirt, sparkly/detailed shirt, stilettoes, cocktail ring, smokey purple eye shadow, etc.

  • Guy pretty is the classic feminine look. Long, flowing hair. Big bright eyes. Not a big nose or mouth. Nice teeth. Feminine doll like face. Soft curvy hourglass figure, not fat but not stick skinny. Big boobs small waist wider hips, big butt. Someone who is more "classic" than unique.

    Think of Barbie. Or Victoria's Secret models.

    I think girl pretty is a girl who is attractive but more unique. Girl pretty may often be a girl who is cute with great style and hair and her own flair. For example a bob or short haircut may be girl pretty but not guy pretty. Often things that are stylish or trendy. Keira Knightley would probably be more girl pretty than guy pretty. Or maybe Victoria Beckham. Or often a girl who is exotic pretty.

    Guy pretty would be more the Barbie type with the soft long hair and curves and classic feminine doll look. I would say that a lot of guy pretty girls may not even have such beautiful faces but they aren't ugly and have a good body and that overall feminine look.

    Girl pretty would be someone more stylish, hip, trendy, and unique. Maybe more of a classic model (not victorias secret). They may have a very pretty face, unique style of makeup/hair etc. Not classic-girly.


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